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Current Pricing:

  • Repairs, Upgrades, House Calls, etc. $40 /hr.

  • Most hardware installs, $15 flat rate.

  • Most software installs, $20 flat rate.

  • Microsoft Operating System Installs, including-Windows NT, 9x, 2000, 2000 server, Windows XP $50

  • Linux Operating System Installs, all major (and minor) distro's, $45-$90 depending on circumstances.

  • All OS installs FREE! With purchace of new system!

  • Data Recovery - Includes DVD(s) of your saved data and 90 day backup on our servers, $80

  • New System Build - We make no profit or markup on your parts and only charge a $75 flat fee.

  • Internet Setup - Includes setup and configuration of your email accounts, $40

  • Onsite Setup of New Computer or Upgraded Computer, $50, includes 1 hr. instructional.

  • New System and System Upgrades vary depending on your wants and needs, please call or email for a quote!