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LOTR collectibles from Rawcliffe
Fine Cast Pewter Figurines!

Just for you, Lord of the Rings fans. This "Wizard-Style" Pipe is 17 1/2 inches long! Made of Ash, this fully-functional pipe is excellent for displaying and/or smoking. A great addition to any collection of pipes or Tolkien memorabilia. Made by Garrett Jackson, owner & operator of Jackson Art Originals who has been selling wooden art obects at galleries and museums since 1990. You can get the bowl as-is or pre-carbonized to give an authentic look for the non-smoker and eliminate "breaking in" of the pipe for the smoker. The pipe comes with a solid Red Oak display stand. This pipe is based on the one Galdalf smoked in the movie/book Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring. However, we are not affiliated with the movie/book in any way. Because the pipe is made of Ash, you should not get any foul taste from it.

An awesome site for LOTR
maps, simply the best!

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Click here to listen to a song inspired by The Lord of the Rings
By Victor Johnson

Click here to listen to a song inspired by The Lord of the Rings
By Keyes

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